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After successfully launching "GPS Tour Guide of the Canadian Rockies" during the summer of 2005, an even better version is available for the summer of 2009.

So you’ve arrived in the Canadian Rockies. You’d like to enjoy driving though this beautiful World Heritage Site and visit the wonderful destinations you’ve heard about. You could buy a book, study, and then try and remember everything as you drive along.  But wouldn’t it be better if someone just tells you about what you’re seeing and where you’re going as you drive along?

Have no fear the
Sawka Tour Guide
is here!

There are no maps, brochures, tapes, CDs, or odometer settings to worry about. Just plug the STG device into your cigarette lighter and tune your radio to 88.5 FM. Through the magic of GPS, as you reach each of over 1450 locations along 1300 km of mountain highways, the corresponding audio information is transmitted to your radio.

The (STG) unit can be placed between the seats or on the floor. This makes installation simple and unobtrusive. There is nothing on your car's dash or window to block or impair your vision.

The (STG) unit has been developed and specifically engineered for the purpose of "Tours", and is not an adaptation of other technologies. This has resulted in cost effectiveness and a unit that is extremely simple to use.

All the roads in Banff, Kootenay, and Yoho National Parks are featured, as well as the Trans-Canada Highway from the mountain front to the park boundary and the Icefields Parkway to Jasper Townsite. You choose where you would like to travel and when. Your STG tour guide is always there with you.


Just Think; Your own virtual tour guide!


The Sawka Tour Guide, (GPS-Audio Tour Guide of the Canadian Rockies) presents over thirteen hours of information in a pleasurable and entertaining manner as you travel along 1,300 km of our mountain highways. As you enjoy the views, interpretive information related to what you are seeing is automatically played over your radio. It’s the ideal way to connect what you are actually looking at to the natural and human history of the mountains.


As you drive through the Canadian Rockies you will be introduced to:

  • The geological history –how the mountains were formed and then sculpted into their present form by glaciation
  • The names of the glaciers, lakes, rivers, and mountains you’re looking at, and how they came to have these names
  • The landforms and forests you are passing through and the animals you may see in these locations
  • The natives’ history and long-standing relationship with the mountains
  • The history and stories related to the non-natives who first explored and studied this area and the mountaineers who came to climb these peaks
  • How the Canadian Pacific Railway was forced through the Rockies to bind a nation together
  • Short hikes and other activities that you may wish to enjoy and
  • The challenges of managing preservation and use in Canada’s Mountain Parks


Information regarding destinations such as Lake Louise, Takkakaw Falls, the Columbia Icefields, Moraine Lake, Radium Hot Springs, Emerald Lake, Johnston’s Canyon, and Peyto Lake is presented as you approach them.


The Sawka Tour Guide, (GPS-Audio Tour Guide of the Canadian Rockies) provides interpretive material for the following roads:

    • The Trans-Canada Highway
    • Bow Valley Parkway
    • Lake Minnewanka Loop Drive
    • Johnson Lake Road
    • Mount Norquay Drive
    • Vermilion Lakes Drive
    • Lake Louise access road
    • Moraine Lake Road
    • Highway 93S to the Kootenay National Park boundary, and the Icefields Parkway.
    • Tunnel Mountain Drive and the access roads to various attractions within the townsite.
    • Highway #93 from the Banff National Park boundary to the town of Radium.
    • The Trans-Canada Highway, Emerald Lake Road, and the Yoho Valley Road.
    • The Icefields Parkway.
    • The Trans-Canada Highway from the foothills to the Banff National Park boundary.


The Sawka Tour Guide includes almost 1500 audio files totaling over 13 hours of interpretive information. The system knows which direction you are heading and different material is heard, depending on your direction of travel along the highway. Information is played at numerous viewpoints along the way as well.

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Peak Finder by Dave Birrell is your source of information on the peaks of the Canadian Rockers.

The Friends Of Banff National Parks  is a non-profit charitable organization, committed to increasing awareness and appreciation of the natural and cultural heritage of Banff National Park.

Friends of Jasper National Park is a non-profit organization that strives to promote understanding, appreciation and respect for the natural history and cultural heritage of Jasper National Park.

The Friends of Yoho National Park is a non-profit organization that cooperates with Yoho National Park and other local organizations to promote understanding and enjoyment of the park.

The Mountain Parks Heritage Interpretation Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of information delivery to visitors to Canada's Mountain Parks.



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